Guidelines for Commercial Service

  1. Commercial containers must be placed on a solid surface (such as concrete, blacktop, compacted stone, etc.). Please be aware, however, that depending on the type and thickness of the surface, our trucks may leave ruts when the ground is soft. When deciding on where to place your container, please pay special attention to over-head obstacles such as wires, tree limbs, roof overhangs, etc. to avoid damage to your property or our trucks. Our container delivery driver can help you safely locate your container(s).
  2. Please do not overload the container. This can cause the container to be unserviceable due to height or weight. If you have waste that will not fit into the container, please stack neatly beside the container and phone our customer service department to advise that you have extra waste. Extra yardage is anything above the level closed lid position and/or trash beside the container. Our drivers will document any extra waste they encounter at a customer site on their daily route sheets. This extra yardage will be charged to your account.

    Extra yardage charges are necessary to cover costs for disposing of more waste than scheduled as well as the additional man hours spent at a stop with extra waste and subsequent delays on the route.
  3. Please do not place anything in front of the container. The driver cannot empty the container if it is not accessible. Please keep the container lids closed to keep any rain and snow out.
  4. We can accept bulk items such as appliances, water heaters, wood material and large pieces of furniture but these items must be placed outside the container. Additional charges may be assessed for these items. Please phone our customer service departments to arrange for pick-up. Appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, etc., which may have contained Freon, must be certified that no gas remains in the appliance. We can do this for the customer, however, these items must be picked up separately, and there will be additional charges for certification.
  5. ITEMS NOT ACCEPTED: Drums, Liquid Paint, other Liquids, Ashes, Burnt materials and Hazardous waste.
  6. During winter months, please be sure to keep snow from the front of the container or enclosure, and be certain that any gates are not frozen shut so we may service the container. Again, keep the lids closed. Snow will make the container heavy and in cold weather will freeze solid materials inside preventing a complete empty while being serviced.
  7. If the container is inside an enclosure, please be sure there is a way to secure gates so they will remain open while the driver is servicing the container.It is best to place stops at the back of the enclosure to prevent the container from damaging any masonry walls when serviced. If you wish to build an enclosure for your container, please contact us first for the measurements of the container.
  8. HOLIDAYS: We observe the following holidays:

    New Year's Day Memorial Day 4th of July
    Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day

    At our discretion, our drivers may service your container a day early, on the holiday, or a day late during the week of an observed holiday. Please notify our customer service department if the container will not be accessible to our driver on any of these days (such as when the gates are locked).

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