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America Recycles Day: Go Green Not Just Today, But Everyday 


In honor of America Recycles Day, we are calling on our customers to start recycling more and recycling right. By reducing waste and recycling items we usually throw away, together we can create a better tomorrow not only for our environment but our communities and local economy. 

Our Efforts to Make Communities Cleaner and Greener

In 2020, the Vogel Holding family of companies collected and processed 35,610 tons of items in an effort to keep recyclable materials out of landfills and reduce pollution. So far this year we have collected 29,981 tons and we hope to break last year’s record. But we need your help to make it happen.

Employees sorting through recyclable materials at our sister company, TC Recycling.

So before you dispose of that empty soda can or egg carton, learn how some small habits can make a big difference.

Why Should You Start Recycling?

Making an effort to recycle does much more than reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills, it keeps our communities clean, plants and wildlife safe, and spurs economic growth. Here are some reasons why you should start recycling.

Preserves natural resources: creating new goods takes a lot of energy and natural resources to make it happen. By recycling more material, fewer natural resources will be used to create new materials. 

For example, if more paper is recycled, fewer trees will need to be cut down to create more paper.

Saves energy: recycling materials and making new products from recycled materials uses less energy. 

Did you know it takes 95% less energy to recycle aluminum than making new aluminum products from raw materials?¹

Creates jobs and revenue: recycling creates several business operations and employment opportunities which include collecting, processing, and manufacturing.

In Pennsylvania, collection and processing operations employ roughly 12,698 people and generate $962 million in wages.²

Reduces pollution: we all want to keep our communities and air clean. By reusing materials, we can sustain the environment, protect wildlife, and preserve our air quality.

Smart and Easy Ways to Start Recycling More and Reduce Waste

Recycling is easy and something anyone can do. Here are some efficient ways you can live more sustainably and reduce waste. 

Keep a Recycling Bin Nearby

Keeping recycling bins next to your garbage can at your home and workplace is a smart way to keep recycling at the top of your mind. Please note that your recyclables don’t need to be sorted and should be placed loosely in your recycling cart for collection; they should not be bagged. 

Invest in Reusable Bags and Containers

Many of the plastic bags we get at the grocery store usually end up in the garbage and unfortunately can’t be processed at our recycling facility. To cut down on plastic waste, buy some reusable bags to carry your grocery items and pack your lunch with reusable containers instead of plastic sandwich bags.  

Buy Recycled Paper (And Remember to Recycle It!)

You can buy recycled paper at many office stores for a reasonable price. Using recycled paper and recycling it after use can help save natural resources like trees and water. Another smart way to reduce paper waste is to pay your bills online instead of receiving them by mail. Vogel Disposal customers can sign-up for paperless billing.

Recycle Your Old Electronics

Old electronics like televisions, desktop computers, laptops, and printers can have toxic chemicals in them and should never be thrown into the garbage because the chemicals can seep into the soil at a landfill and pollute the environment. You can recycle your old electronics at a drop-off facility. If you need to get rid of an old smartphone, there are plenty of services that will recycle your phone, some of which will even pay you.

Avoid Single-Use Products

Paper coffee cups, makeup wipes, takeout containers, and pizza boxes are all items that usually cannot be recycled due to contamination. Opt for more sustainable options like washcloths to wash your face, a reusable coffee thermos, and making more food at home to avoid creating single-use product waste.

Always Remember to Recycle The Right Way

Be mindful of the items you place in your recycling cart and learn how to get your items ready for collection. For example, you should never mix non recyclables with recyclables. You should also rinse and clean your recyclables before setting them out for collection. By following these steps, you can help us reduce waste and recycle as much materials as possible. Learn more about residential recycling guidelines

Help us celebrate America Recycles Day by pledging to recycle more and reduce waste not just today, but every day. You can make an even bigger impact by encouraging your family, friends, and coworkers to recycle as well. By adopting some small simple habits, we can create a more sustainable environment and community for years to come.


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