Keystone SWANA's "Garbage to Gas Tour" at Seneca Landfill


On April 24, Seneca Landfill hosted a tour for 18 members of the PA Keystone Chapter of the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA).  We are grateful to partner with an organization focused on continuing education for waste industry professionals.  

The tour explored both Seneca's High BTU Landfill Gas processing plant and the Lego-V CNG Fueling Station.  Participants were able to follow the journey of landfill gas from initial generation at the gas wells, through the various stages of processing that produce pipeline-quality natural gas (hydrogen sulfide removal, cooling, filtering, compression, and gas separation), to the final stages of compression resulting in renewal natural gas used directly as vehicle fuel.

Check out some of the tour highlights below!

Learn more about the Keystone SWANA chapter here.