New Castle School of Trades' Tour at Seneca Landfill


This week, Seneca Landfill hosted a tour with 7 students training to be diesel technicians at the New Castle School of Trades (NCSOT).  Instructor Rich Stevens and Assistant Director of Education Anthony Signoriello were also on site with the group from NCSOT.   The purpose of the tour was to educate and show the students the many job opportunities that exist in the solid waste industry, especially at a solid waste landfill.  This allowed the students to get an inside look at our industry-leading facilities and the equipment needed to keep things running day to day.  Seneca is looking forward to hosting more tours for the New Castle School of Trades in the future to help educate and expand potential job opportunities for their students.

new castle school of trades tour at seneca landfill
seneca landfill gives tour to new castle school of trades students