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Vogel Expands CNG Truck Fleet


Vogel Disposal Service recently joined the ranks of companies converting their fleets to Compressed Natural Gas-fueled vehicles.

We began the transition by purchasing 10 CNG garbage trucks and installing a fueling station at our headquarters on Route 228. We have been upgrading our fleet (switching from diesel to CNG trucks) at a rate of about 10% per year since 2013.

Our upgrade to CNG trucks has also allowed us to expand our workforce, adding twenty jobs to support the project.

Compressed natural gas is a renewable resource that creates significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than diesel. Switching to CNG has been the right choice for the Vogel fleet because it is both more cost-effective and sustainable. 

These trucks are not only more environmentally friendly, but also make use of a resource we were already generating: landfill gas. The methane and carbon dioxide that is generated in Seneca Landfill is refined into clean, usable natural gas and put directly into the pipeline for use as heating and fuel. This is the very same natural renewable resource that the Vogel fleet now uses as fuel.

CNG trucks are also quieter, creating less of a disturbance as they drive through your neighborhood!

This is just one more way the Vogel Disposal family of businesses works together to make responsible, sustainable choices.